“I think if I predict, you want to make a prediction?” – 3:09

Fantasy season has started…My teams Cam-Do Attitude, I Think Therefore I Cam and JaVale Force Wins will all be atop the podium in a few short months.

The other thing I would predict is that the boulders above will not wait another 10 years to be properly climbed on. I have been making reconnaissance trips to this area every few years, but it’s finally time to move them forward instead of going back over and over for the beautiful hike.

And finally, the making of this video below will lead to the completion of a few of my long standing projects…

I just published a video from a weekend trip I took to Joe’s Valley on the Denver Bouldering Club Vimeo page, check it:

And here is a glimpse of my current day job in Las Vegas:


Well, I survived another Friday. Now it’s Saturday. Here is some of the media I promised for helping us reach our www.missionsmallbusiness.com goal!

If you vote for my climbing gym, I promise to post more climbing media here.

We are in the process of expanding the DBC..

And this grant would be a huge support…

Visit www.missionsmallbusiness.com, click Log In & Support, scroll down and search Denver Bouldering Club, then Vote!

As a thank you, here is a short video I made for the new Denver Bouldering Club Vimeo account. This was filmed during a short trip to Joe’s Valley in March. There are a few more boulders that I am close to exporting from iMovie soon!

Bay Breakers

This video speaks for itself…a whirlwind tour of the SF bay area. One week of classic climbs, new boulders, a little basketball (http://bit.ly/N05Bml), and fading suns that mark indelible memories.


Note: That’s right, I know how to use Garage Band.


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