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Vibrant Life

Finding beauty in a city of half a million seemed difficult at first. With all of the extra traffic, city politics, and the universal challenges that humanity creates in tight living conditions, some days just aren’t as bright as the sunrise. But humanity is designed in duality: where there is evil there is good, and where there is sad there is happy. Even in the dirtiest dreariest places, it is possible to find vibrant life.

A city is not beautiful naturally, so we tend to hire structural playwrights: architects, designers, and artists to help offset the drab of the drive. Their job, besides functionality, is essentially to design a practical piece of art that appeals to the masses, does the city proud, and brings life to an otherwise bereft area. Obviously this is not an easy task.

As was the case with the prominent art structure pictured here, which was built to pacify rush hour traffic along I25 into downtown Denver

When this piece of art was constructed, it inherently created a couple of other slightly less cumbersome jobs for Denver citizens: the job of the climber to reach the summit versus the job of the security guard to police the structure.

But to understand the clash of these two post-production positions, we should first look back to why the structure was requested in the first place. Here, a myriad of reasons all describe improving quality of life in the city. Well, given the amazing vertigo of the route’s dizzying sequence, the intensely urban feel looming over the foot of the city, and the vibrant dance of color and sun every evening, I would say my quality of life is on the rise. So, given the duality of things, maybe a small fine for trespassing is worth the brilliance of the summit.


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