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The Ticked List

As promised, this post contains the entire list of completed problems from my fifty days in Font, all 319 wonderful sends. I don’t know the actual climbing days vs. rest days, but could estimate 33 climbing and 17 resting. Whatever it was, I certainly upped my PPD (problems per day) average on this trip.

Note: The following lists are organized using Bleau.info names/grades/locations. The grades are consistent with that majority opinion (my opinions are on 8a.nu).

Would love to hear if others agree with my favorite twenty sent?

Top 20 By Grade
Name Grade Location
La Paillon Directe 4 Cuvier
Science Friction 5+ Apremont
Big Jim 6C Petit Bois
Le Cœur 7A L’Elephant
Le Toit du Cul De Chien 7A Cul de Chien
Hyper Plomb 7A Apremont
Égoïste 7A Apremont
La Baleine 7A Petit Bois
El Poussif 7A+ Isatis Surprise
Memel 7A+ Isatis Memel
L’Ultime Secret 7A+ Isatis Memel
Surplomb de la Coquille Assis 7A+ Isatis Hautes Plaines
Le Magnifique 7A+ Cuisinere
L’Aerodynamite 7B+ Cuvier
Fluide Magnétique 7B+ Cuvier
Rubis sur l’Ongle 7B+ Gorges aux chats
Eclipse 7C Cul de Chien
Hot Line 7C Reine Crête Nord
Controle Technique 7C+ Cuvier
Big Golden 7C+ Cuvier Rempart

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Dreams Do Come True

My final day in Font unfolded as quite the storybook ending to a dream-realized trip: I decided to rest one day in order to give my best effort on the boulders I would attempt during my final siege. In addition, I convinced myself that getting up for sunrise at the boulders would be my best opportunity for good temps to send one of the final elusive boulders of my trip: Big Golden. I filmed the uber-strong Ludo Laurence sending this area classic early in the trip (the video is posted here), but half-ass attempts, exhaustion, weak fingers, and the fact that the entire boulder bakes in the sun, had delayed my summit. Not for long… Read More…

Ludo on Big Golden
Ludo on Big Golden

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